We want to help facilitate homesharing in this community. If you are seeking housing or are interested in providing space in your home, please fill out the corresponding application below.

The Traverse City community needs affordable housing for young workers, especially those involved in the agricultural economy.

The average yearly income for people employed by food service or the agricultur

al sector in our region is $13,000, and average monthly apartment rent is $808. This means that a staggering 75% of these workers’ monthly income would be devoted to rent.

We think that homesharing is one solution to this problem. According the 2010 US Census, 38.4% of the households in Traverse City are occupied by a single person. However, 85% of those housing units have two or more bedrooms.

In simple terms, homesharing is an arrangement by which two or more unrelated people share a dwelling within which each retains a private space.  An alternative way for people to meet their housing needs, homesharing arrangements can include rent, a service component, or a combination of the two.

Through this simple matching process, we aim to provide you with compatible and trustworthy community members with whom to share a home.

Homeshare Seeker Application

Homeshare Provider Application


Everyone who participates in our programs and services must agree to abide by our policy of non-discrimination. We serve people regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, the presence of minor children, receipt of public assistance or gender identity. We require that you must be willing to meet people who are different than you, but it is your decision regarding who you want to live with.