Our Role in Policy

The Food and Farming Network is a volunteer group, but we have deep connections into the policy-making apparatus of local, state and federal agencies. It is rare that we as a group put forth a position on a given policy. When we do, it’s usually done with an ad-hoc task force whose job it is to craft a position document representing the views of Network participants. Our policy-making efforts have garnered real results for northwest Michigan for the food and farming community at large.

Here are some important policy issues that have passed through our group.


Food and Farming Network 2018 Policy Letter

Early in 2018, the Food and Farming Network wrote a letter to express our support for policy initiatives we believe will bring a healthier, more localized food system that is better off for all members of the community.

This letter functions as a series of endorsements for these policy proposal authoring organizations:

American Farmland Trust, The National Sustainable Agricultural Coalition, The Native Farm Bureau, The American Farm Bureau Federation. We recognize the specific endorsements within this letter acting as our stance on policy related issues, specifically, those we would like to see brought into action at the national level.

This letter was both mailed and e-mailed to the offices of Pat Roberts, Debbie Stabenow, Mike Conaway, and Collin Peterson, who are the members of the House of Representatives and Senate working on the 2019 Farm Bill.

The Northwest Michigan Food and Farming Network Policy Letter 2018


The Farm Bill of 2014 Fact Sheets

USDA Farm BillSenator Debbie Stabanow’s office has provided a set of easy to digest summaries of various parts of the new Farm Bill.  We will add to this list as new documents become available.


Network Comments on the Food Safety Modernization Act

FFN FSMA CommentThe Northwest Michigan Food & Farming Network is comprised of leaders, organizations and businesses in the sectors of farming, health, economic development, land conservation, school food, retail and local food economy initiatives in a 10-county region in rural Michigan. The USDA requested public comment on the proposed FSMA.  A small task-force of the Network created an official comment response to go on record in November of 2013. FFN FSMA Comments 11-14-13-1

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