FFN Meeting May 20, 2015 – Hosted By Cherry Capital Foods

Network Council Business Meeting Agenda

May 20, 2015   10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon

Cherry Capital Foods – 1610 Barlow Street

  1. Introductions
    • In Attendance: Bill Palladino, Tricia Phelps, Heather Ratliff, Meghan McDermott, Brian Bourdages
    • Via Video Conference: Sharron May, Wendy Wieland, Scott Smith, Helen Leithauser.
    • Newcomers: Les Hagaman – Father Fred Foundation looking forward to having a presence here. Stuart Campbell – Perennial Farm & Garden Nursery, business entity interested in connecting.

View the full meeting as recorded through our Zoom online meeting system here:

Download the full PDF document here: FFNMinutes_05_20_ 2015 or to read it online… Continue reading

FFN Study Session at Grow Benzie April 22, 2015

Food & Farming Network Meeting: Study Session                               April 22nd 2014

Grow Benzie – Frankfort, Michigan

Hosted by Josh Stoltz

In Attendance:

Via Video Conference: Wendy Wieland, Larry Dyer, Jen Schaap, Sarah Eichberger

In-Person: Bill Palladino, Zane Swaiger, Jim Barnes, Josh Stoltz, Sandy McArthur, Tracy Chipley, Sharron May, Mark Coe, Brian Bourdages, Heather Ratliff, Tricia Phelps, Paul May Continue reading